China Scholarships

China Scholarships 2019

Master Scholarships In China

Master Degree in China takes 2 to 3 years of study including 6 months of Chinese language course prior to the start of university session, which is usually free. Students who are willing to apply for masters scholarship in china must have to complete their 16 years of education. China Is offering Master Scholarships for International students in Multiple Education Fields in Universities Verified From MOE (Ministry Of Education China).

Scholarship: Free Tuition and Hostel Fee with monthly Stipend around 1000 – 3500 RMB depending on University.

Master Scholarships In China
PHD Scholarships in China

PhD stands for Doctor of Philosophy. PhD Degree in china can be very affectionate and rewarding experience for the students. It takes almost 3 years of study depending upon university, this duration also includes 6 months of Chinese language course. China is providing PhD scholarships for the students who want to do research in their fields in china. A suitable stipend will be given to PhD students which help the students to study and work in their research easily. For PhD Scholarship in china students must have to complete their Master/Mphil degree otherwise not eligible to apply.

Scholarship: Free Tuition and Hostel Fee with monthly Stipend around 1000 – 3500 RMB depending on University.

PHD Scholarships in China
MBBS In China

MBBS in China, is usually a 6 Years Program With Internship included in Last Year, For International Students minimum 60% mark are required in Pre-Medical . MBBS is on self finance in China but its quite affordable compared to Medical Universities around the world.

Package:1st year student need’s to pay around 5000 USD (Covering student Tuition and Hostel fee along with Our Service Charges, 2nd year onwards students need to pay 3500 USD Directly to University covering Tuition and Hostel Fee.

MBBS In China
Chinese Language Course Scholarships

Chinese Language Course Scholarships in China takes 6 to 1 year of study. Students who are willing to apply for bachelor scholarship in china must have to complete their 10 years of education.

Scholarship: Free Tuition and Hostel Fee , Student just need to pay (3000- 5000 RMB) yearly directly to the University.

Chinese Language Course Scholarships
Bachelor Scholarships in China

Bachelor Degree in China takes 4 years of study. Students who are willing to apply for bachelor scholarship in china must have to complete their 12 years of education. China Is offering Bachelor Scholarship for International students in Different Education Fields in Universities Verified From MOE (Ministry Of Education China).

Fully Funded Scholarship: Free Tuition and Hostel free.

Partial Scholarship: Free Tuition and Hostel free, student just need to pay around 5000 – 8000 RMB Yearly directly to the University.

Bachelor Scholarships in China

China Scholarships 2019

Why Study In China On Scholarship?

China is one of the most popular places to study for international students because of its long history and exciting culture. In 2017, more than 436,317 students from over 180 countries came to study in China on scholarship for either degree or non-degree programs. China has become one of the most popular, developing and top country to study for international students all over the world because of its unique history and culture. It is a great opportunity for you to explore one of the world’s biggest and popular countries. You will experience China’s unique blend of ancient and modern civilisation, as well as its scenic beauty and bustling nightlife.
Mostly students want to study on low fee structure due to funding issues. If your one of them then stops worrying, China is offering different scholarships programs for international students in almost every field of study. China Scholarships are of two types of scholarships for Pakistani students.

Partial funded China Scholarships (Either tuition or Hostel fee is free + Monthly Stipend)
Fully funded China Scholarships (Both Hostel and Tuition fee is free + Monthly Stipend)
Due to China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) project, China has increased the no of fully-funded scholarships to 600 per year only for Pakistani students. So it’s a great opportunity for you to get scholarships in top universities of China.

Get China Scholarships For Pakistani Students: is providing Chinese scholarships for Pakistani students for last 8 years and is highly reputed and only registered company in Pakistan for providing China scholarships. We had provided more than 15,000 scholarships in last 8 years. We have a contract with top ranking China government universities which officially launch scholarships through our company. We are providing scholarships on done basis on minimum 60% of marks in Bachelors, Masters and PHD programs without any kind of test. So it’s a great opportunity for you all to get scholarships in top China universities without giving any test. We also promote and provide scholarships other than these universities only in China.

Are You Looking For China Scholarships 2018?

If you are looking for china scholarship 2018 then you are at right place. We offer China scholarships for Pakistani students in all major programs of Bachelors, Masters and PHD. We help you to get best scholarships in China top universities which includes free tuition fee, free accommodation in universities hostels and monthly stipend throughout your degree.

Study Engineering In China For Free:

We also offer best china scholarship for international students in all engineering majors which provide you great opportunity to study with international students in good environment. So if you want to study in china for free in any engineering programs like Electrical, Mechanical, Civil, Software Engineering etc, we are here to provide you scholarships in all engineering programs.

Business Scholarships in China For Pakistani Students: have wide experience in providing Business Administration scholarships for Pakistani students in China like BBA and MBA. We also provide China scholarships in majors like International trade and economics, Accounting, Marketing and Management in all degrees level like Bachelors, Masters and PHD. So if you are searching for any business related scholarships to study in china then you are at right place.

IT Scholarships In China For Pakistani Students:

We also provides China scholarship for Pakistani students 2017 in all IT related fields like Software engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Computer Application Technology, Information and Communication Engineering, Information Technology and many more in Bachelors , Masters and PHD level.
You can also get the latest Chinese scholarships for Pakistani students 2018 officially launched by this year by just clicking the link.

Scholarships Programs in China:

China has become the one of the best and favourite place to study abroad due to its great level and career building education. Due to great increase in international students in past decades china is offering different scholarships programs to worldwide students to continue higher education in worlds post populous place on planet.
It’s a great opportunity for international students to continue their higher education on different scholarships programs and also explore the great and old civilisation and culture of China.

Types of Scholarships:

There are two types of scholarship in China.

Partial Scholarships:

In partial scholarship the student may grant tuition fee or hostel fee and stipend may or may not provided to student.

Full-Funded Scholarships:

In fully-funded scholarships the student is granted by both tuition and hostel along with monthly stipend.

Note: In china the stipend is given for only 10 months a year.

Following are the main scholarships programs offered by china for international students.

Chinese Central Government Scholarships:

Chinese government scholarships are basically provided by the Chinese Scholarship Council which is the non-profitable organisation of Ministry of Education of China.
Chinese government has set up a variety of scholarships to support worldwide students, instructors and researchers to study and continue their higher education and research in Chinese Universities. They must meet the language requirements of the advanced education establishments.
Scholarships provided by the Chinese government are usually full-funded, so it’s a great opportunity for international students to study in world’s strong economy without any cost and with great international exposure.

Chinese Provincial Government Scholarships:

These kinds of grants are allowed by local/provincial governments, including the government of the four Chinese urban communities considered “direct-controlled districts” (Beijing, Tianjin, Chongqing and Shanghai), as they work as provinces in themselves.
This type of scholarships supports PhD, Masters, Undergraduates and Chinese language courses students.

Note: Not all universities are allowed to provide Provincial Government scholarships.
This program is divided into three types.

Type A: For Postgraduate Degree Programs (Masters, PhD)

Type B: For Undergraduate Degree Programs (Bachelors)

Type C: For Diploma Programs (Chinese Language Courses)

The fundamental element of these grants is that the application is done specifically and only by means of the destination University.
The time period of funding will also vary depend on the universities and kind of programs like, Bachelors, Masters and PhD degree programs have a duration of 2 to 4 years and other language courses in the vicinity of 1 and 2 years. Every year, you should apply to reestablish your grant, which will be given to you on student prove that he/she is an extraordinary student.

Chinese Universities Scholarships:

Chinese universities scholarships are directly offered by universities to the students of china and international students also.
With a specific end goal to draw in the best global students, researchers and teachers, many established Chinese universities and colleges have built up their own grant plans.
In this program the some universities offer Partial Scholarships and some offer Fully-Funded scholarships. It depends on the policy of the university you are going to apply. In this program students can apply directly to the university offering scholarship in China.


Accounting (Chinese Medium)

Applied Physics (Chinese Medium)

Chemical Engineering (Chinese Medium)

Digital Media & Technology (Chinese Medium)

Electronic Information Engineering (Chinese Medium)

Tourism Management (Chinese Medium)

Rehabilitation Therapeutics (Chinese Medium)

Pharmaceutical Engineering


Business English


Chinese Language

Electronics Information and Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering


Bio Medical Engineering

Computer Engineering

Mineral Processing

Geographical Information Science

Public Administration

Occupational and Safety Engineering

International Trade and Economics

Petroleum Engineering

Economics and Management (Only This Major is Available in Chinese Medium)

Architecture Art and Design

Electronic Information and Engineering

Soil and Water Conservation and Desertification

Preventive Veterinary Science

Basic Veterinary Science

Vegetable Science

Crop Genetics and Breeding

Crop Cultivation & Farming System

Animal Food Nutrition and Engineering

Animal Production Science

Animal Nutrition and Feed Science

Animal Genetic Breeding and Reproduction

Grassland Protection

Forage Science

Grassland Biodiversity

Crop protection


Plant Nutrition

Nutrient and Food Hagiology

Forest Genetics & Breeding


Food Science

Agricultural Electrification and Automation

Agricultural Mechanisation Engineering

Plant Ecology and Physiology

Agricultural Economy Management

BBA (Bachelor in Business Administration)

Linguistics and Applied Linguistics in Foreign Language

English Literature

Energy And Power Engineering

Safety Engineering

Mining Engineering

Environmental Engineering

Chemical Engineering

Chemical Engineering and Technology

Agricultural Water Soil Engineering

Civil Engineering


Software Engineering

Electronic Communication Engineering

Control Science and Engineering

Electronic Science and Technology

Electrical Engineering

Materials Engineering

Metallurgical Engineering

Material Science and Engineering

Industrial Design Engineering

Vehicle Engineering

Power Engineering and Thermophysics

Mechanical Engineering and Automation

Computer Science and Technology

BBA (International Trade & Economic)

Mechanical Engineering

Optoelectronic Materials and Devices

Safety Science and Engineering

Mineral Resource Prospecting and Exploration

Water Conservancy Engineering

Structural Engineering

Geotechnical Engineering

Computer Application Technology

Industrial Engineering

Biomedical Engineering

Power Engineering

Integrated Circuit Engineering

Optical Engineering

Geological Engineering

Electrical & Electronic Engineering (EEE)

Textile Engineering

Measuring and Control Technology and Instrumentation

Applied Physics

Digital Media Technology

Food Science and Engineering

Information and Computational Science (Actuarial Science)

Communication Engineering

International Marketing

Tourism Statistics

Information and Communication Engineering

Clothing Engineering

Applied Chemistry

Mechanical Design and Theory

Mechanical Manufacture and Automation

Control Theory and Control Engineering

Computer Applied Technology

Signal and Information Processing

Communication and Information Systems

Mechatronic Engineering


Marine Engineering

Heating and Ventilation

Design and Manufacture of Naval Architecture and Ocean Structure

Chemistry Engineering and Technology


Special Economic Animal Farming

Environmental Engineering

MBA (Masters In Business Administration)

Telecommunication Engineering

Electrical Engineering and Automation


Who We are

China Education Consultant is China based educational consultancy company having 4 different offices in China, Pakistan, Qatar and Bangladesh. We are providing china scholarships for Pakistani students in Pakistan.
China Education Consultant help’s International Students get admission in China on Scholarship, we help students through all the process and help them get what they really needs. China Education Consultant is providing Chinese scholarships for Pakistani students for last 8 years and is highly reputed and only registered education consulting company in Pakistan for China scholarships.
We had provided more than 9 thousand scholarships in last 8 years. We have a contract with top ranking China government universities which officially launch scholarships through our company.
We are providing scholarships on confirm basis on minimum 60% of marks in Bachelors, Masters and PHD programs without any kind of entry test or interview.
China Education Consultant helps you to study in china for free tuition and hostel with monthly stipend covering students’ major academic expenses and get students scholarship admission letter within 2 weeks and JW202 visa letter within 1.5 months after admission letter.
China Education Consultant also help you to get admission in top medical universities for MBBS on self finance at low tuition fee. The medical universities are approved from PMDC (Pakistan Medical and Dental Council) and recognised WHO (World Health Organisation).Note: Beware of scammers and only contact on official platform of

Head office Address:
Street# 54, Block# 20,
I&T Center, G-9/4 Islamabad

Call/What’s APP:
For Students: +92 335 5940989
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China Education Consultant is a company providing Education Consultancy Services in different countries and is registered with Respected Country Government Authorities. We have contract with well-ranked universities of China. These universities officially launch their scholarships through our company. We are authorised to fill up all seats available for scholarships of contracted universities for International students. Due to this reason our cases are 100% confirmed and university keep the rejection of Students to Minimum.

For avoiding the complexity and for the student satisfaction before any payment we do an agreement with our client on stamp paper because it is a good practice for every trade and we also give a receipt of payments to our clients.
We think this is the only great deal and secure platform for you to get scholarship in well known universities in China.

Services charges of our company depend upon university, nature of scholarship and Degree level in which student wants to apply. Our services charges are different for fully-funded scholarships and Partial-Funded scholarships.

NOTE: If you don’t get Admission or Scholarship then your payments are fully refundable.

After getting admission letter and attested JW202 visa letter next step is visa files preparation to get visa from Chinese embassy. For getting visa you have to provide your required documents to China Education Consultant.

Required documents are:
(1) Attested High school transcripts from relevant Education Board, IBCC and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
(2) Attested Bachelors Degree and Transcript from Higher Education Commission (HEC) (only for Master applicants).
(3) Attested Bachelors and Master Degree and Transcript from Higher Education Commission (HEC) (Only for PHD applicants).
(4) Passport.
(5) Police Character Certificate.
(6) Bank Statement (Only for self finance applicants) etc.
Along With Few Other Documents.

After providing documents we will complete your files according to Chinese Embassy rules and regulations. We also help you to get prepared for Chinese Embassy interview. Then our company employee takes you to the Chinese Embassy. We guaranteed you that we will make your interview process faster. So you don’t need to get struck in line or wait for your number in embassy.

There are different categories of Student visa for China.
(1) X1 Visa
(2) X2 Visa

X1 visa is provided to those International students who want to study a complete degree program in china which is more than 6 months. For this category JW202 visa letter is issued by the Institute/University. This visa is probably up to 5 years and student has to renew resident permit every year.

X2 visa is provided to those Pakistani students who want to do non-degree programs from China. Its duration is max 6 months. For this visa category JW201 Visa letter is issued by the institute.
When your admission is confirmed helps you in issuing JW202 visa letter from university. When JW202 visa letter is issued then we will make sure attestation of visa letter from China Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MOFA) through university. Without attestation of MOFA you will not get visa from China Embassy.

China Education Consultant have sol agreement with well ranked universities in China. We help you to get admission on scholarship in different universities in China from any where around the Globe. There are three types of Main Scholarships in China.

(1) Chinese Government Scholarships (Scholarships Provided By Chinese Government It Self for International Students)
(2) Chinese Provisional Scholarships (Scholarships Provided By Local or Provincial Governments In China for International Students)
(3) Chinese Universities Scholarships. (Scholarships Provided By Universities in China for International Students)

Scholarships may be partial funded (Tuition or hostel fee is free with monthly stipend) or fully funded (Tuition and hostel fee is free along with monthly stipend). It depends on university you are going to apply.

How to apply for scholarship


Search Your Desired University or Scholarship through Our Website, And Submit Student Application Form (You are Required to Send us details about your academic career by filling our Student Application Form so we are able to study your case).


Once Your Student Registration Form Is Received, Our Top Team Of Consultants Starts To Study Your Case And Find The Best Possible University With Scholarship in your Desired Program.
(Do Provide Authentic Information To Avoid Complexity Later)


After Finding The Right Scholarship For You, Our regional Office Shall contact you,
Be Patient Mean While, if you had filled our form we will contact you back even if the scholarship is not available.

Note: Once you submit Student Application form, you will also be Provided Our Number Feel Free to Call.



As we only promote universities, those are under agreement with us, chances of rejection are minimum. Confirmed Scholarships and Admission is provided by China Education Consultant With In the given time. In Rare Case if anything goes wrong, your payment is fully refunded with only minimum Charges as (100 USD) is deduct as processing fee.


Getting Scholarship from the University is one step, but getting your Visa from your Country is bit complicated. Our Team of Professionals will prepare all your files for Visa Interview, we also prepare
you with most commonly asked question in Embassy as well.


Jw202/Jw201 visa letter is the most important letter to apply for Student Visa in China, Its is Required in the Embassy along with your other documents, We make sure you get this letter along with your admission letter in the required time,


We provide a dedicated Team of top notch consultants to our clients, available 24/7 7 days a Week, we provide the best possible service to our clients and guide them through out the process to clear an ambiguity.


Our company can also provide you with the lowest possible air ticket once your Visa is confirmed, As we have lot of clients who need to travel in china we can get them the lowest possible rates with best Air Line Service.


The relationship with our clients dose not end once he received scholarship and admission notice, we Guide our client till he/she reaches the University, Our team in China Provides a proper pick and Drop service from China Airport to the Door Steps of University Hostel.